A Message from Father Jack+ May 2018

Worldwide Anglican Communion
Anglican Church in North America

Hola de San Diego!  Shirley and I returned last Wednesday to a very busy schedule of items needing attention that can only be accomplished in person here.  The weather has been cold, rainy and windy.  We miss Puerto Vallarta!

There are a lot of things happening with our church.  First, as you may know, we have become affiliated with the Diocese of the Southwest, under Bishop Mark Zimmerman, of the Anglican Church of North America. They are very excited about us joining them in their plans to have more churches of the ACNA in Mexico.  Their Synod will be in El Paso, Texas on September 20-22, and on the 20th plans are to receive us into their Diocese.  Bishop Mark, as well as I, would like to see as many parishioners as possible there.  Will send more information as it is made available.

Please visit our website:  www.anglicanchurchpuertovallarta.org  to see our new and enhanced website. Our webmaster is still working on completing the format, but has done a stellar job of expediting this for us.  He needs more photos for the “Gallery” page, and you can put them in Google Drive and he can pick them up and add them to our site. Please read “What we Believe” and you will realize that we are the same church, with the same theology as before, with just a different name. We continue as a church that believes in traditional, conservative family values. Being a tourist destination we continue to enjoy people from all denominations and walks of life. We are receiving many e-mails from people who wish to attend.  Attached is a photo of the new name which now appears also on each of the sides of the building which will allow drivers from both directions to see the name before they actually pass by.

The chapel is open for business, under the able leadership of Fernando Sandoval, our Deacon-in-Training.  Fer has been our Jr. Warden for over four years, and is very familiar with the Summer Church   He, his wife Mary, and son Lalo are very able to take care of your Sunday worship, and, hopefully, get together for breakfast/lunch following the social hour at church.  Kathy Overly continues to lead our music, and also treats us with her glorious vocal talents.

Pam Sullivan and Frank will return to Puerto Vallarta for a time in June, as well as Shirley and I.  Pam and Shirley are working on a yearly calendar, which will include, among other things, a BB&B (Beer, Burgers & Bingo) once a month, a day field trip to a local place once a month, Conversational Spanish lessons, Movie Nights, Special Dinners, and more.  Let them know your wishes to add any additional get togethers.

Please continue to pack your bags when you return with the small hotel soaps & shampoos for the women at the prison.  Also we need onesies, receiving blankets, and items for baby layettes for the Regional Hospital. Our Sandia Tuttle has asked for any items to be sent to her before June 20 as she always brings a large supply of items for our charity work when her family visits the end of June each year.  I can provide you with her contact information, just let me know.  Or if you have suggestions or just want to talk, give me a call at 1 619 300 7377

Our dream of bringing Christ to those in Puerto Vallarta continues on.  We are blessed with some of the finest people who attend our congregation.  Your efforts, donations of funds and supplies, and prayers are amazing.  Each and every one of you has so much to offer and do so much to continue our efforts there.  As always, donations may be made to Mexican Ministries & Mission, Inc., our tax deductible 501C.3 corporation, 2726 Shelter Island Dr., #252, San Diego, California, 92106.  We can especially use your help during the summer months.

May God continue to bless you and yours and that you have peace and happiness during the coming months.

Fr. Jack+